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What is the HTML / XHTML Validator?

The HTML Validator is a free seo tool that checks web documents in formats like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards. In essence, it is a html code checker.

The HTML Validator returns any errors that may cause your website not to be indexed properly by search engines. All errors from the validator are not necessarily detrimental but it's best to check your site to ensure you're not losing rankings in the major search engines because of errors in your html syntax.

What is XHTML / HTML Validation?

Most pages on the World Wide Web are written in computer languages (such as HTML) that allow Web authors to structure text, add multimedia content, and specify what appearance, or style, the result should have.

As for every language, these have their own grammar, vocabulary and syntax, and every document written with these computer languages are supposed to follow these rules. However, just as texts in a natural language can include spelling or grammar errors, documents using Markup languages may (for various reasons) not be following these rules.

The process of verifying whether a document actually follows the rules for the language(s) it uses is called validation, and the tool used for that is a validator. A document that passes this process with success is called valid.

Why is HTML and XHTML Validation Important?

Browsers try to display pages even if they're not legal HTML. Usually this means that the browser will try to make educated guesses about what you probably meant. The problem is that different browsers (or even different versions of the same browser) will make different guesses about the same illegal construct; worse, if your HTML is really pathological, the browser could get hopelessly confused and produce a mangled mess, or even crash.

It is illegal to discriminate against disabled people in many countries. This includes people who may be physically incapable of using your choice of web browser. Website publishers have been successfully sued for owning a site that was inaccessible to blind users. Ensuring your HTML is valid can help to ensure you meet your legal obligations.

That's why it's important to use at least one HTML validator or XHTML validatorto make sure your pages' HTML validate.

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