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seo Ecommerce Solution

On-Demand, E-commerce Solution

SEO, Built-in.
Cutting Edge E-Commerce.

Shopping Cart Software

seo|eCommerce™ is an on-demand, search engine optimised, ecommerce solution. Although it is simple to use - it is feature packed to make your products look great but more importantly to make sure your products can be found on major search engines.

Power meets simplicity on Expect IT's on-demand platform - more power for IT and less complexity for end users. This no-software; no-hardware approach to ecommerce is fast becoming a favourite for organisations worldwide.

With seo eCommerce, there is no need for HTML, XML or DHTML skills, just enter your product, add a picture, and then, through the easy-to-use advanced Administrator web-interface... click Publish! seo|eCommerce™ Shopping cart software is the friendliest and most superior ecommerce solution available. Anyone can easily manage their own store.

Our feature packed e-commerce solution offers the most complete secure e-commerce system available, including online catalogue builder, shopping basket, credit card processing, and much, much more. Our solution is more than simple shopping cart software - it is a completely integrated e-commerce solution that automates your online commerce from product entry to fulfilment. The e-commerce software is powerful and flexible enough to handle millions of transactions, yet simple enough for the start-up merchant to successfully sell online without the need for technical staff or even a webmaster!

 E-commerce Solution

SEO eCommerce combines a modern design with cutting-edge seo, usability and accessibility features including:

  • Search Engine Friendly website addresses eg. not
  • Near Tableless design and 100% CSS based
  • W3C Web standards compliance
  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
  • CSS Validates
  • Cross Browser Support
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