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Check Meta Tags with our Meta Tag Analyser
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Our Meta Tag analysis tool helps webmasters analyse their web pages providing analysis of your web site meta tags using the similar spider technology as the search engines.

Definition and Usage of Meta Tags

The <meta> element provides meta information about your page including descriptions and keywords for search engine

There are a few differences between HTML and XHTML metatags. In HTML the <meta> tag has no end tag but in XHTML the <meta> tag must be properly closed. The <meta> tag should always be inside the head element.

Examples of Meta Tags

Defining the keywords meta tag for search engines:
<meta name="keywords" content=" meta tags, check meta tags, keyword density analyser , meta tag analyser , meta tag check, meta tag checker, keyword and meta tag analyser " />

Defining the meta tag description for your web page:
<meta name="description" content="Free Meta tag Checker" />

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