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SEO, built in.
Accessible, search engine friendly websites.

website optimisationWe can bring life to a static Internet environment. We specialise in developing interactive environments that capture the visitor's imagination and curiosity. We create intriguing front-end designs that captivate and develop back-end systems that get the job done.

We design only search engine friendly websites that meet w3c and accessibility standards.

We make sure the right keywords are in the right place, the right number of times. We also test for broken links, page load times, and source order always ensuring the site meets wc3 recommendations.

Well search engine optimised sites are naturally user friendly. We create primarily for people and secondly for search engine spiders.

We remove any frames, use mod-rewrite to generate static, search engine friendly URLs, instead of dynamic URL's. Offer alternatives to entirely FLASH sections of a site. Ensure the navigation paths are search engine friendly and optimised for the keywords we are targeting.

website optimisation codeWe use one or more HTML validation services to make sure your pages are legal HTML and try to separate CSS from page design.

What do we deliver?

  • A search engine friendly optimised site

How much does it cost?

Our website optimisation service costs from £699+vat.