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How can Professional Search Engine Submission put your website first?

Get your website listed in top search engines
Maximise your FREE traffic

Search engines are the main sources of traffic for almost every website.

Search Engine Submission by hand is one of the best ways to get submitted to search engines. Relax with the peace of mind that our SEO Specialists are doing them right for you!

Search Engine Submission

We will submit your site to the top search engines and directories. You only need this service once; there are no additional fees, and no need for monthly submissions!

  • Includes professional manual submission - the best way to get submitted.
  • Submission of your site to 150+ of the nets most relevant search engines and directories. View our list search engines and directories.
  • A personalised guide in HTML format with tips on how to optimise your site for better rankings in the search engines results.
  • A detailed submission report in HTML format.

Only real search engines and directories are included in our search engine submission package. There are not 1000's of relevant search engines. Hitwise recently reported that combined; Google, MSN Search, Yahoo! Search and Ask Jeeves have a massive market share of 94% of all search traffic in the UK. Google continues to dominate the market powering 70% of UK Internet searches.

Professional Search Engine Submission

Be weary of services offering submission to thousands of search engine submissions. A major part of the submission list provided by these services consist of link farms and FFAs pages; FFAs are pages where anyone can submit the URL for their website for free (hence the term Free-For-All). Search Engine Submission to FFAs and link farms are only really good for one thing... generating lots and lots of spam to your email inbox. Your listing will usually move down the list and out of their system within a few days but they will be sure to hold on to your email address! FFA pages are often regarded as spam by Google therefore a listing on them no longer helps your website's link popularity.

With our search engine submission services, your URL is hand-submitted to 15 of the nets most popular search engines:

  • Yahoo! Search
  • Google
  • MSN Search
  • AltaVista
  • DMOZ
  • Mirago
  • ExactSeek
  • OnSeek
  • AllTheWeb
  • InfoTiger
  • Entireweb
  • MixCat
  • Scrub The Web
  • True Search
  • National Directory

Search Engine Submission FAQ

What are the benefits of your search engine submission service?

How long does it take for my site to be included in the search engines?
It depends on the search engine or directory. Some search engines index a site within a few days others can take a month or longer.

Will my website be submitted to all search engines on your list?

Other search engine submissions services say it is important to submit your site monthly, why don't you agree?

It is just a sales pitch, there is no point submitting your site monthly,. Most good search engines will regularly visit your site to check for new or updated content. When your website is listed it will remain so unless you do something that is regarded as spam by the search engines. If you adhere to the Google's Webmaster Guidelines ( and Yahoo Quality Guidelines ( it is very unlikely you will have any problems.

If a search engine submission service submits your url to a human edited directory every month and the site hasn't changed significantly it possible the editor of the directory will ban your site forever because of the extra work load caused by thousands of other sites also using monthly automated search engine submissions.