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  • SEO offer a transparent approach to search engine marketing.
  • Proactive in making recommendations or improvements.
  • Structured approach to keyphrase research - identify the potential volume of visitors for each keyword.
  • Best practice knowledge across many industries.
  • Unsurpassed technical skills.
  • Passionate and dedicated to improving search engine marketing.
  • Openly describe the industry leading strategies and techniques we use to approach SEO.
  • We see ourselves as a long-term strategic partner.
  • Work on an exclusive basis for particular marketing areas and countries.

According to an iProspect survey, seven out of ten respondents said they clicked a search result within the first page of results, while 92% clicked a result within the first three pages of search results. [Source: iProspect via eMarketer, April 2008]

Gocompare was penalised by Google for boosting its ranking by buying paid links. The company had a search term traffic share of 16% when it ranked number 1 for car insurance but that dropped to 2% during the penalty and is still less than 5%, even though it is ranking in the top 10. [Source: Hitwise, April 2008]

By using our services you can maximise your opportunities from Search Engine Marketing while minimising your risks.

The hundreds of factors used by the search engines to determine relevance can be simplified into the two most important factors which are essential for good ranking positions: website optimisation & link building.

We adopt a balanced approach to SEO which creates a long-term plan and an effective process to maximise your performance in the key areas of index inclusion, website optimisation and link-building.

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