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Website Builder

SEO, Built-in.
Cutting Edge Content Management

Website Builder Boxseo|Website Builder™ is an on-demand search engine optimised, content management system. Although it is simple to use - it is feature packed to make your website look great but more importantly to make sure your content can be found on the search engines. You can't complete, if you can't be found.

Power meets simplicity on Expect IT's on-demand platform - more power for IT and less complexity for end users. This no-software; no-hardware approach to content management is fast becoming a favourite for organisations worldwide.

Fixated Support™ is included with every on-demand solution with every customer experiencing fast responses to critical issues, unlimited technical phone support, guaranteed 100% network and website availability.

Website Builder is one of the finest Web Content Management Systems available today. Website Builder makes communicating and publishing via the Web easy. Have you wanted to design and publish your own site, with the ease of just point and click, but never understood how to achieve this? Well Website Builder is just the ticket for you!

Website Builder is a powerful Web-based Content Management System providing unmatched ease of use and a significant return on investment. Choosing the right content management system can be complex. You need to ensure a return on investment whilst also a solution that can be extended, as your organisation needs change.

Website Builder combines a modern design with cutting-edge seo, usability and accessibility features including:

  • Search Engine Friendly website addresses e.g. not
  • Near Tableless design and 100% CSS based
  • W3C Web standards compliance
  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
  • CSS Validates
  • Valid 508 Accessibility
  • Cross Browser Support